Sunday, June 11, 2017

Writing first Selenium test case with TestNG

Let us start write a simple test case, launching the website and verifying it's title.

Step 1: Launch Eclipse, Right Click on project source folder src --> TestNG --> Create TestNG Class

Step 2: On the  next window enter sample package and sample test name, as shown below. Click Finish

Step 3: User should see the TestNG test created. The @Test is a TestNG annotation that denotes main function of the test case.

Step 4:  Copy and paste the below code in the test created and save it

Step 5: Right click on the test à Run As à TestNG Test. User should see execution started.

Step 6: Three different Results reports

Console Report: In the console user can see number of tests Run, Passed and Failed

TestNG Results: If the test passed it will be in green color otherwise in red.

TestNG HTML Results Report: Right click on the project and Refresh it. User will see now test-output folder, expand it. Now open index.html as web browser to see the html reports in TestNG.

That’s it, we successfully completed writing our first selenium test with TestNG. Hope this information is helpful to you, please share with your friends.

#HappyTesting #HappyLearning

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