Saturday, December 30, 2017

Maven Tutorial 05: Maven Surefire plugin and its usage in test automation?

Maven Surefire Plugin is used during test phase of build life cycle to execute the unit tests of an application. It has only one goal and it is 'test', runs the tests of the application. In test automation surefire plugin can be used for running functional tests from pom.xml.

Maven Tutorial 04: What is POM.XML?

Maven is build management tool that is based on the concept Project Object Model (POM). POM.XML is an xml file and it is core unit of the maven project. It contains all the information about the project and its configuration.

Maven Tutorial 03:What is Maven? How to create Maven project?

Maven is a build management tool or software project management and comprehension tool. Maven is free and open source tool provided by Apache Software Foundation. Maven is based on the concept project object model (POM).

Friday, December 29, 2017

How to handle Google dynamic search (auto suggestions) in Selenium?

This is one of the most asked Selenium interview question and this question is to test our ability to handle dynamic objects.

The scenario is when we are searching some text say "seleniumhq" in Google, we will get some auto suggestions listed while we are entering the text and we need to click on the suggestion that matches with our requirement (here our requirement is "seleniumhq").

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How open URL in new tab using StringSelection class in Selenium?

I have come across 'StringSelection' some how and came to know that it is a class that is used for copy and paste operations on Unicode text strings. Using this class we can copy the string to system clipboard. 'StringSelection' class is available in 'java.awt.datatransfer' package.

Using Robot class from Selenium WebDriver and StringSelection class we could able to open the URL in the new tab. Please check the code below

DevOps 01: What is DevOps and How it benefits organizations?

DevOps is a culture in an organization, where the development team and operations team help each other by sharing information, process and t...