Saturday, October 1, 2022

API Testing 08: How to send POST request in REST-assured?

POST is a http method, it is used for creating the new resources on the server. In particular, it is used for creating the subordinate resources.

When we POST the request, the service will associate the new resource with the parent resource assigning an ID. On successful creation of new resource the request returns a location header with link to newly created header and HTTP status code 201 (created). 

POST request consists of request line, headers and body/payload. The body/payload can be of different types like Simple Object (String, Map, JsonObject), File and Model (POJO). In this tutorial we will send the payload as simple object (String). Please check the below code.

Please find the execution in below video.

Hope this post gave you an understanding on how to send post request. Thank you! #happytesting #qababuworks

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