Saturday, November 23, 2019

Selenium4: Working with two parallel windows in Selenium Automation

A new method newWindow() is introduced in Selenium 4 (Alpha). Using this method we can open a new tab or new window from the current window. We can switch between the TABS/WINDOWS and work in parallel.

newWindow(WindowType.TAB) -- Opens a new tab

newWindow(WindowType.WINDOW) -- Opens a new window

In this post we will see working with two windows in parallel.

1. The first window launches the and prints the title
2. Open the new window/tab, switch to it and launch
3. Search for "" in Google
4. Switch back to first window and click on the projects menu on

Friday, November 1, 2019

How do you identify broken links in Selenium Automation?

When we are asked to identify the broken links in the application, what we do? Collecting all the links on the page to a list and looping through links, clicking on links one by one and verify whether the content on the next page displayed or not?

This process is time consuming, and not that effective as it involves multiple to and fro actions. We can identify the broken links without clicking on the each link using Rest-assured (Java API Library). If you wish to know more about rest-assured click this link. Lets jump into coding part.

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