Friday, March 3, 2017

How Create Maven Project for Selenium - Cucumber Automation?

In First Test Case in Selenium with Cucumber post we created java project and added all the required Jars to project build path. This involved more manual intervention work like downloading jars one by one from Maven Central Repository. But in Maven project we will avoid that maven intervention by adding all the dependencies in pom.xml.

Dependencies Required for Maven Project for Selenium with Cucumber:
        1. cucumber-java
        2. cucumber-junit
        3. junit
        4. selenium-standalone-server
Follow the below steps :
Step 1: Install Maven Plugin in Eclipse IDE

Maven Tutorial 01: How to install Maven Plugin in eclipse IDE?

Steps to install Maven in Eclipse IDE:

1. Launch Eclipse IDE and Select Help > Install New Software

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How to write multiple test cases in Selenium with Cucumber?

In this post we will learn about writing multiple test cases (Scenarios) in a Feature file. This post is going to be an extension to the previous post First Test Case in Selenium with Cucumber. So please go through it to understand the current post better. Let's get started step by step...

Step 1: This time we are taking "Gmail valid login validation" as our test. Please copy the below code snippet in our feature file created "gmailLogin.feature" file and save it.

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