Friday, June 28, 2019

API Testing 02: What is API testing?

What is API Testing?

Testing the functionality of the APIs, which are developed as part of application development is called API testing.

In API testing an API will be invoked using  a "URL and set of parameters" and result/response will be validated against expected behavior. In an application APIs are tested as part of integration testing at various levels such as Functionality, System Integration, Performance and Security.

Advantages of API testing:
  • Faster tests
  • Testing core functionality
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced defects
Tools available for API Testing:
  • Postman - Manual, Automation
  • SOAP UI - Automation
  • REST-assured - Automation
  • Katalon Studio - Automation
  • Jmeter - Automation
Hope this post gave you basic understanding about what is API testing.

In next post we see about different types of APIs and we will try understanding more about  REST APIs.

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