Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How does Headless Testing helps in Software Testing?

Headless Browser is a browser with no Graphical User Interface (GUI). User will not see any application visuals everything runs in background. Headless browsers are faster than real browsers because they bypass the time taken by real browser to load Objects, JavaScript and to render HTML. So if performance is critical agenda, one should go for headless browser. 

Headless Browser Testing:

Headless Browser Testing is a way of running the your tests without GUI or Application or Browser launch. One main reason for choosing the Headless Testing is performance. Where tests will be running in the background with no UI and which makes the tests run much quicker than in traditional browser testing.

One area of carrying out this headless browser testing Continuous Integration (CI) environment because no will be watching the visuals of tests being carried out. So this could be great idea to avoid the time being taken by the real browsers to launch and render the UI every time.

Finally, we will be guaranteed with light weight, less resource and tests scripts automation tests that runs quicker. Headless testing helps in identification of critical defects in early stages and helps us to deliver the software with  little or minimal bugs.

This is a brief intro about Headless testing. Thanks for reading!!

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