Monday, February 20, 2017

What is the advantage of Cucumber in Selenium Automation?

Or else we can ask our-self what makes us to bring Cucumber to Selenium Automation?             

In this agile world, the Stake Holders or Business Analysts or Product Owners decides behavior of the system first and writes System Requirements or System Scenarios in customer’s point of view. These requirements are reviewed and singed off to the developers for development. This is called Behavior Driven Development (BDD) approach.

            Now the above system requirements are converted to Use Cases, using BDD approach this Use Cases are converted into testing/developing entities directly using a simple English sentences(Gherkin), instead of splitting further into small functionalities. And this tests are easily understandable to the Clients or Business Analysts or persons with no or minimal technical knowledge. Whereas the tests developed using tools Selenium or UFT are pure technical and one has to be technically good to understand the tests, even that consumes some time and efforts. 

So if we can use BDD approach in out test automation that will increase the code readability. By seeing the tests we can tell what that test is testing. And Cucumber is one of the BDD tool that supports automation using Java and Ruby. Selenium Automation with Cucumber is becoming good choice in the automation industry. 

I tried bringing nearest answer to our question. Please comment your queries and suggestions on this topic. Thanks for reading!!

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