Saturday, March 31, 2018

Advantages of Katalon Studio, Should I learn?

Katalon Studio is a free automation tool that is buitl on Selenium and Appium with amazing automation features. Katalon came up with solutions to the challenges that we have been facing with Selenium/Appium based open source automation frameworks. Some of the challenges listed below:
  • Choosing a right framework/tool based on application technology
  • Need technical experts in designing the framework
  • Need to write own code to implement features like Data Driven, Parallel Testing, Cross Browser Testing and etc.
  • Need to download or update the many Jar and Driver files
  • Locating the objects is time consuming, need to write xpaths or css selectors
  • Need to write all the Custom Keywords
  • Need to implement own reporting and logging systems

Katalon is addressing almost all the above stated challenges. It reduced a lot of efforts being spent on setting up the project and designing the framework. This tool is evolving day by day, we may say see this tool in top last for Automation in future. Checkout the it's features below.

Katalon Features:

Easy to Start:
  • No need to spend more efforts to set up a project as test team or as an individual. Just download the Katalon Studio and start writing the tests.
  • Hiding all the complexities Katalon provides user friendly UI to start working
  • No need to write customized code to attain features like Page Object Model, Data Driver Testing, Keyword Driver, Parallel Testing, Cross Browser Testing and etc.
  • Because of this in built features the efforts being spent on framework development and improvement will be very less.
Easy to Maintain:
  • Katalon IDE got user friendly UI and flexible folder structure to maintain Test Cases, Object Repository, Custom Keywords and Reports.
  • No need to download the many Jar and Driver files, Katalon will take care of it.
Enhanced Object Identification:
  • Katalon made object identification easy and powerful.
  • Using the feature Spy Web one can capture the properties and locators of objects easily. This is similar to Object Spy in UFT tool.
Solutions to Conventional Issues:
  • Katalon come up with the solutions to the issues that we have been facing in Selenium automation like Synchronization, Handling Window Popups, Handling the frames and etc.
Multiple Testing Support:
  • Katalon supports Web, Mobile and APIs testing.
Multiple Technologies:
  • Supports technologies like HTML 5, Shadow, AngularJS and etc.
Cross Platform:
  • Supports latest Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
Advanced Scripting:
  • Test Cases can be written in there ways using Katalon, they are Record & Play Back, Manual Mode and Script Mode.
Other features are like, Advanced Reports (Katalon Analytics), CI Integration, Support to Cloud Services like SaucLabs, SDLC Integrations (GIT, JIRA and qTest and etc) are also supported by Katalon Studio. We will discuss all the features in detail in the upcoming tutorials.

Summary, when a tool is readily available with all the features we wanted for automating an application what is the need in developing a framework with lots efforts and maintenance? Personally, I like this tool and definitely Katalon will come up with more features. 


  1. Thank you for sharing, Venkat!
    Look forward to seeing more articles about Katalon from you.

  2. Hi.
    I am new to Automation.
    Which one is good for Either Selenium or Katalon.
    Could you please help me out

  3. Hi Narasimha, Katalon is great automation tool which is built on top of Selenium WebDriver. You can directly learn Katalon tool but I suggest you learn Selenium WebDriver with Java first.


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